Cooking With Purpose Catering
With a passion for baking that traces all the way back to the1970's where Tinita started baking with her Grandma, Tinita wanted to share her love for baking pies, desserts, pastries and cakes with everyone. Tinita believes that a bite of something sweet can make the whole world a little brighter. In 2002, Tinita's dream finally came true — Cooking With Purpose Catering was born.
Since our opening, we've been serving Pennsylvania residents the very best bakery treats imaginable. From Fresh Sweet Potato Pie, Rich Red Velvet Cupcakes to Old Fashioned Apple pie.  Cooking With Purpose Catering upholds a quality of excellence when baking, using only fresh, gluten free and organic ingredients. Quality baking is a science and an art, and we pay special attention to everything we do, especially when it comes to specialty orders for parties, events and weddings.
Whether you're just looking  for an afternoon treat to perk up your day or you're planning a dessert table for a special event or an itimate dinner, Cooking With Purpose Catering is here to provide the highest quality customer service and care. We put just as much thought into our clientele as we do our baking and that's a lot. Call us today to deliver  a tasty treat and warm smile.